Get insight protection intelligence for your boiler.

Makes homeowners happy

Makes housing providers happy

Makes heating engineers happy

Always have the right part with remote diagnostics.

Fix a problem on the first visit.

Keep your customers coming back with predictive maintenance.

Easily schedule repeat business.

Monitor everything about a boiler,

from fault codes to temperature statistics.

Makes our planet happy

BoilerEye helps you help your customer.

Our software web app lets you monitor your boilers anytime, anywhere. It remotely diagnoses problems before they occur, allowing you to avoid expensive failures. Accurately predict and schedule work, so your customers never experience a breakdown.

Collect all the information you need.

BoilerEye’s Cloud dashboard lets you quickly see everything you need. From the status of every boiler to the jobs for your engineers, you can easily monitor multiple properties.

Monitor and maintain your boilers.

BoilerEye records everything about all of your boilers. At a glance, you can see which boilers need maintenance or use the search for a specific property.

View detailed diagnostic information remotely.

BoilerEye lets you see everything an engineer needs to know. From fault codes to operating parameters, it provides detailed insight to diagnose and fix problems.

Automatically detects and fixes common faults.

BoilerEye features unique technology allowing for easy, automatic remote fixes. No more engineer visits for simple tasks such as water refilling or master resets. BoilerEye detects the problem, provides a report and automatically initiates a repair.*

*Repairs dependent on legislative jurisdiction and boiler specification. May require additional hardware accessories.

Tech Specs

Diameter: 129.8mm

Depth: 38.6mm

Weight: 254g

All boilers

5G/ LoRaWan 

Opentherm, EBUS, and EMS

Works with any boiler.

5G enabled, so no need for WiFi.

Installs easily, just like a thermostat. No complicated wiring.

Monitors and detects problems before they occur.

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